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Off Trail Volunteering

It's Not All Dirt and Glory

When it comes to volunteering and dirtbiking, many folks think shovels, pulaskis and McCleods. But there is a lot of other work to keep trails open. We've listed some areas below where help is always welcomed. If you have a specialty that doesn't quit fit those listed but you'd like to help, or you have other ideas, we'd love to hear from you!

 Media and Content 

Are you the creative type? We could use a hand creating various types of media. One item is the NMA Offroader. This is a quarterly publication for NMA members only. We’re always looking for good articles like “tips and tricks”, riding stories and NMA event news. Got a good story and pictures to share? Send in a copy of your story to the volunteer coordinator and you could just find yourself in print!

We also need a hand for things like flyers and pamphlets and motorcycle event inserts. New content for the website, such as pictures and stories, is always worth consideration as well! We have a Rides and Reports section where your story could get published on the website!

 Land Use and Legislative Issues

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes affecting riding areas? There’s a way to find out. NMA volunteers participate in planning and legislative sessions throughout the year, making sure our voices are heard. Attending some of these sessions is not only a chance to meet some of the “insiders” on legal and land use issues affecting dirt biking, but also a chance for you to speak your voice. Check out the Riders Rights section to find out what is going on.


Hey techies! The NMA is always looking for ways to leverage technologies to enhance the website, improve communications, and “virtualize” the off-road community in the Pacific Northwest. Got some ideas you want to share? Drop an email and tell us about it!

 Task Oriented

Can’t figure out where to squeeze in time to help out? Well, who doesn’t like an excuse to go to the bike shop? Sometimes there are one-time tasks like distributing pamplets or flyers at bike shops. Only takes a little bit of time, but helps our causes immensely by spreading the word.

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Riding the fence? Take a moment to shoot an email to the NMA Volunteer Coordinator, who is happy to help answer questions and get you started.

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