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Fringe Motorcycle Club

Fringe Motorcycle Club History


Some time ago Gary Inge and his brother-in-law Chris Freeman started a motorcycle club. Together they joined their names (Freeman Inge) to form the Fringe Motorcycle Club.

With a strong commitment towards family riding, they put on family poker runs at Riverview ORV park. With the uncertainty of public lands, Gary approached a local farmer with the idea of utilizing his unplanted land for family recreation. An agreement was made and the rest is history!

Unfortunately, Gary passed away in a truck accident in Alaska in 2009.  This was a huge loss to the off-road motorcycle community and the Fringe Motorcycle Club.

Seeing a chance to help Gary’s family and the Fringe Motorcycle Club, six families held a fund raising poker run on March 20th and 21st 2010 at the now familiar farm land near Mattawa.  The event was a huge success.

From the success of that benefit poker run came the idea of continuing what Gary and others had worked so hard to establish. To continue to have a family friendly event, in the place Gary so loved to ride.

Starting in the fall of 2010 the Fringe Motorcycle Club continued Gary’s vision as we focus on family recreation twice a year, in the Spring and Fall with two day family poker runs.

We are a new/old motorcycle club.  We are the Fringe Motorcycle Club!

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