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Risk, Goals, and the NMA Emblem

Are off-road riding opportunities at risk?

A dirt bike is not much good without places to ride it. Off-road motorcycling is very family oriented. It's a valuable and rewarding sport. That's why the NMA was formed over 40 years ago. There are many organizations and public officials who would ban riding all ORVs on public land if left unchallenged. The NMA has been instrumental in establishing and formalizing ORV opportunities and funding in Washington State since its formation in 1973.

Yet, not all battles are won. Areas in Cle Elum and other high mountain trails in the Okanagon-Wenatchee National Forest can no longer be enjoyed by riders as thousands did years ago. Total closures have banned riding at Harts Lake and Sultan Basin, along with Tiger and Cougar Mountains. Almost continually, prime multi-use trails on DNR and National Forests here in Washington are subjected to the anti-ORV agendas of many special interest groups.

By joining the NMA you help ensure the rights of off-road motorcyclists. Your membership directly translates to "the voice of the ORV community" because your NMA representatives lobby for our interests during legislative sessions in Olympia, public land planning sessions, grant funding committees, focus groups and elsewhere. Your support strengthens and unites the ORV community in Washington.

More Than Just An Emblem!

The NMA emblem was created as a symbol to represent the NMA's interest in motorcycling in Washington state. Click on the emblem for a deeper look at the emblem and the NMA.

NMA Goals

  • To protect and increase funding available for our trails and to ensure funds are wisely spent
  • To maintain constructive, positive, and cooperative relationships with all land managers
  • To educate trail users on etiquette, maintenance, and appropriated usage of the resources
  • To coordinate volunteer efforts to preserve our sport and perform on-the-ground trail maintenance
  • To monitor and work with our elected representatives; local, state, and federal to ensure proper focus on our mission
  • To serve as an umbrella organization coordinating the activies of dozens of state wide ORV clubs
  • To work together for the common good with other trail users and their organziations, including 4WD, ATV, equestrian, and mountain bikers.

Become an NMA Member!

Don't worry about what time of year it is. NMA memberships expire at the end of your membership term - on the anniversary date. For example, if you're paying for a membership in July your renewal will come due in July the following year.

JOIN today. Becoming a member is easy!