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*We will update this section as the season progresses, so please check back periodically.*

The NMA racing rules are designed to ensure that the racing is both fair and competitive, and as safe as possible for both racers and spectators. Please take a few minutes to make yourself familiar with the Rule Book before your first race.

Below are a few common mistakes that racers make that can result in disqualification.

- Leaving the course to return to the pits. Once a rider willfully leaves the course they are automatically disqualified, even if they are pushing their bike and intend to return to the point that they left the course. Riders must follow the course to reach the pits.

- Pitting outside of the pits. Riders must enter the pits to fuel and even to receive new goggles, gloves, water, etc. Riders stopping to meet pit support on the live race course can create dangerous situations and may result in disqualification.

- Riding backwards on the course, even for a short distance. This is a definite No-No!

- Not finishing the race. A rider must cross the finish line under a checkered flag to be counted as a finisher. Riders do not receive credit for laps ridden and will be scored as a DNF if they do not finish under the checkered flag.

As always, if you have a question, please ask. We are here to help make this a great experience for all.


NMA competition events follow a common set of rules designed to promote safety, fairness, and competition.

Competition events are offered in three different categories Enduro, Off-Road, and Trials.

The NMA Rules cover all NMA-sanctioned competition (click here to view the Rule Book).

If you have questions about the NMA rules or any other competition issues, send an email to the Competition Committee.




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