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Pitching In and How to Help

The NMA is a volunteer-based organization. Riders just like you make up who we are. You can help! Some volunteer work can be done off trail...not in the woods but rather from home or behind the steering wheel instead of behind the handlebars. Check out Off Trail Volunteering for more info.

For folks who like to put a little sweat on the brow, a work party is your fit. Fix up some trail, meet some new faces and maybe ride some trail you haven't seen yet. Earn a complimentary Discover Pass from the DNR. Whether you’re a seasoned trail grunt or new to volunteering, we want to hear from you! Check out On Trail Volunteering for more info.

If you have an interest in helping out, even just a little, please consider joining the NMA Volunteer List on the right of this page. Our success depends on the dedication and goodwill of volunteers....there are many opportunities!

Big Power to Fix Big Problems

NMA Receives NOVA and RTP grants

Have you heard the news? The NMA has received two grants to fund a specialized trail maintenance crew in 2019-2020! This crew’s focus will be on heavy trail maintenance on our single-track trail systems on public land and it's rightly named the Heavy Maintenance Crew.

NMA’s NOVA grant application has funded a 24-inch wide machine called a Single Track 240 (ST240). The grants will also cover the heavy maintenance crew’s educational, operational and maintenance expenses during the 2019-2020 grant cycle. Our HMC will knock back the heavy maintenance backlog on our single-track trails. Say goodbye to badly whooped out sections, breaking bumps, eroded switchbacks, etc., etc.. These trouble areas are labor intensive and slow to fix...unless you've got NMA's HMC on the spot. This crew can do more work in a day than a 10-person hand crew. Think about how much trail can be fixed quickly, efficiently and importantly: safely!

How can you help?

The list of trails needing heavy maintenance has been created and it is growing. Now is the time to get your favorite trail on the list! We’re using a short survey to collect more inventory and prioritize the trails needing work. The grant applications will go into the committee review process in January. This information will help support the grants so please don’t delay in completing the survey!

    first day riding

    ...pass it on for future riders...

    Riding the fence? Take a moment to shoot an email to the NMA Volunteer Coordinator, who is happy to help answer questions and get you started.

    Become an NMA Member!

    Don't worry about what time of year it is. NMA memberships expire at the end of your membership term - on the anniversary date. For example, if you're paying for a membership in July your renewal will come due in July the following year.

    JOIN today. Becoming a member is easy!