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Support the Org that Supports the Sport!

Dedicated to the Preservation of Off-Road Motorcycling

NMA members are a critical part of a network of people who support off-road motorcycling.  Come join us...we cover it all!

  • We participate in RCO Advisory Committees
  • We participate in Land Use Focus Groups
  • We contribute in land use planning sessions
  • We participate in every Washington State legislative session
  • We develop programs that support the moto-volunteer
  • We operate a Heavy Maintenance Crew
  • We have a series of competition programs that include observed trials, enduros and hare scrambles. Competitors earn points towards season championship standings
  • We host an end-of-year award banquet honoring NMA competition series champions and supporters of the sport
  • We have a poker run program were riders earn points for end of year awards


With a membership in the Northwest Motorcycle Association you'll receive:

  • Access to end-of-year series awards in NMA's competition and poker run series of events.
  • An annual NMA wall calendar.
  • An NMA membership decal.
  • A membership in the Washington CLOUT Action List.
  • A direct affiliation with the Washington Off-Highway Vehicle Alliance (WOHVA).
  • An NMA membership card.
  • A sense of pride knowing that you are part of a passionate community who is actively contributing to the longevity of our sport!

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Membership / Competition License / Donations

CLICK HERE to do any combination of these items:

  • Become a new member
  • Renew your membership
  • Buy a competition license
  • Make a donation to the NMA

NMA Membership Levels

  • Individual Membership
    • $30 for 1-year
    • $55 for 2-year
    • $75 for 3-year
  • Family Membership (Parent(s), and Dependent Children)
    • $40 for 1-year
    • $75 for 2-years
    • $100 for 3-years

We thank you for your support and note that memberships are non-refundable.

Hey NMA, what have you done for me lately??

Sign-up / Renew By Mail

Prefer sending payment through US Mail? Download and print this membership form or this competition license form. Complete all fields, add your payment and mail it to the address found on the membership form. Thanks for joining!

Offroad MC's Wanted

Is your offroad MC involved in advocacy or interested in putting on offroad-motrocycling events? Consider becoming an NMA charter club. Read our NMA motorcycle club information, and then complete our club charter application.

Membership Background

The NMA is the sum of individuals dedicated to the preservation of offroad motorcycling in Washington State. We are offroad motorcycling enthusiasts from many walks of life. We love the outdoors and love being on two wheels. Our passion for both drives our stewardship in the areas we love to play in. Many folks are also members of offroad motorcycle clubs, making up the backbone of the NMA.  You’ll see us on the trail, at DNR and USFS land use meetings across the state and in legislative sessions in the State Capitol. Do you enjoy offroad motorcycling in Washington? Come join our efforts in preserving offroad motorcycling in Washington!

By becoming an NMA member you will become an important part of a network of people that support off-road motorcycling. You'll also learn more about motorcycling in the Northwest, make some new friends, and do your part to protect our sport.

Get involved with one of the best off-road motorcycling organizations in the country.

NMA memberships expire at the end of your membership term, on the anniversary date. For example, if you're paying for a membership in July, your renewal will come due in July the following year.

Sign up TODAY! Becoming an NMA member is easy.

Questions? Please drop us an email.

Become an NMA Member!

Don't worry about what time of year it is. NMA memberships expire at the end of your membership term - on the anniversary date. For example, if you're paying for a membership in July your renewal will come due in July the following year.

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