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Dirty Work

Digging In and Keeping Trails Open

Dirt biking has been growing in popularity for quite some time now. Unfortunately, the paid workforce supporting Washington trail systems hasn’t grown commensurate to dirt biking popularity and subsequent trail utilization.

For years, motorcycle clubs and individual dirt bikers have recognized this shortfall and have performed trail maintenance as a volunteer workforce. This has been a great help to land managers and our sport. But as more riders take to the trails, more help is needed. Dirt bikers must rally the strongest volunteer workforce ever seen in Washington. Not just because of dirt biking popularity but also to backfill a severely understaffed workforce.

Reestablishing Trail Tread

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Volunteering Information

Washington State Department of Natural Resources Volunteer Program

General Info and Volunteer Forms. The DNR manages state forest lands open to motorized recreation. Capitol Forest, Green Mountain/Tahuya State Forest, Walker Valley and many others.

DNR's Event Calendar

The DNR's volunteer calendar. Check back regularly for updates!

The NMA Trail Maintenance Workforce

The NMA Trail Maintenance Workforce is a selfish volunteer program – the sole mission is to self promote the sport through instilling a sense of trail ownership among dirt bikers in Washington State. This selfishness inherently benefits the environment, land managers and the preservation of off-road motorcycling. Collectively, NMA members volunteer thousands of hours annually.

Trail maintenance work parties are a great way to learn about new places to ride. You also gain knowledge on trail design and what riders can do to increase trail longevity. It’s also a great way to meet new friends who have a mutual passion for dirt biking.

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