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Poker Runs

    Poker Run Series

    Welcome to the NMA Poker Run page.  The Poker Run series is a family fun series.  Poker Runs are a fun ride over a marked course with checkpoints along the way where you draw a playing card, there are five such checkpoints.  The rider with the highest Poker Hand takes first place!  Just a fun reason to ride your bike and come home with prizes.  Bring the whole family and increase your odds!  These are family friendly events, bring the kids and ride with them.

    The Poker Run series takes the fun one step further, for every Poker Run you enter, you earn a point in the Poker Run Series.  At the end of the series, we have drawings for some fantastic prizes, including a $2500 grand prize!

    We hope to see you at the first event of the year.  Help us make the 2016 series the best series ever!

    If you have suggestions to make the series better or to stand out from the pack, we would love to hear from you.

    Contact us at:

    Must participate in 5 events in 2016 in order to qualify for end of year prizes, all NMA Members MUST check in at NMA Tent in order to receive credit for the ride.

    Must be an NMA Member at the time of the event to qualify.  Must also be an NMA Member at the End of Year Awards Ceremony.

    NMA Memberships are available On-line , or Mail In Form, or in person at each event at the NMA tent.

    Poker Run News

    NMA Poker Runs are intended to be fun trail rides where competition is not necessary. Check out a Poker Run and try your luck at a card hand. You never know, you may win something. If not, at least you had a great ride!


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